"I Spy" Stroller Cards

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Wee Gallery Fruit Veg Stroller Cards

How cute are these Wee Gallery Fruit Veg Stroller Cards?

Play ‘I spy’ with your baby at the supermarket while getting your shopping done! Teach baby to spot fruits and veggies, while learning about shapes and colors.

These five colorful and sturdy cards connect together with a flexible ring, and easily attach to a shopping trolley, stroller, backpack, or nappy bag.

Great for entertainment at home or on the go.

How cute are these Wee Gallery Stroller Cards?

I see a dog.  Is the dog big or little?  

The 'I See' Stroller cards promote exploring a baby's world with simple, open ended prompts. Spot things commonly seen while out and about on a walk, or in the back garden or at the park.

These five beautifully illustrated cards are super sturdy, and held together with a ring and strap that connects to your stroller or bag.  Easy to take on a trip but not easy to lose.  Take your baby on a fun exploration the Wee Gallery way.

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