Playon Crayon | Pastel



This set of Playon Crayon Pastel Colour is the perfect first crayon for your little one. Stackable, fun and chunky enough for little hands.

Material : Wax – Certified NON TOXIC by the Art & Creative Materials Institute, USA

Recommended for children 2 years+

Size : Individual W 3.3 * H 5.5 cm BOX (12 colours) W 10.5 * D 5.5* H 8.5 cm

The plain crayon pastel set is great for the following;

Fun + Stackable
Vibrant + Stain free
Strong + Easy to hold for little hands
Certified NON TOXIC
by ACMI (the Art & Creative Materials Institude, USA
CE mark (European safety standard)

PLAYON CRAYON will bring out the joy in drawing for your little one.

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