Family Adventures: Disneyland Paris

I'm really excited to share some (by some I mean way too many) photos from our trip to Disneyland Paris last month. Some of you may know I used to be a blogger before I opened Dinky & Dandy and one thing I really miss from my blogging days is recording our family adventures which is why I've decided to include some of them over here on the shop blog. 

We booked the trip at the end of last year as we were struggling to decide on main Christmas presents for the kids, so we checked when the Easter holidays fell and booked 4 days and 4 nights. We didn't stay in a Disney hotel but went with one of their affiliated ones called Vienna House Dream Castle. It was only a 5 minute bus trip to the park and the buses were free and so regular it didn't impact our stay at all being outside the Park.

The hotel was really lovely but we didn't get to use any of the facilities as we were out all day at the park. I think next time we'd maybe book a 5 day trip but only 4 days at the park so that we could break it up and have a rest day in the middle and spend it at the hotel swimming pool. We were all so tired from four full on days of getting up early and being on our feet. 

It was our first ever Disney trip and I am happy to admit that we well and truly embraced the whole Disney magic - even my husband was caught sporting Mickey Ears. In fact it's going to be really hard to put in words just how magical the whole experience was, from the moment we walked in the park I don't think the children's eyes stopped sparkling. I know that sounds super cheesy but it really was special.

We didn't know it at the time of booking but we were actually there for Disneyland Paris' 25th Anniversary so there were lots of special events going on during our stay including an extra special parade of all the old characters. On the birthday event the park opened at 8am to everyone and we all received a cute keepsake badge to add to the already huge stash of Disney Merch we spent a small fortune on.

As anyone who's visited the Parks before will tell you, we did a lot of queuing throughout the four days. The Princess queues in particular were huge, but to be fair the kids excitement completely outweighed any boredom whilst waiting and I din't have to do nearly as many eye rolls at "how much longer" whinges than I was expecting. One thing that Disney get so right is how every member of staff treats you. From the guy on the gate giving the kids high fives when we entered the park right through to how the characters made the kids feel like their waves were only for them - it really does add that extra special magic that I don't think you'd find anywhere else. I also loved how clean everything was in the parks it's really well maintained not like the parks in the UK which can look so outdated and faded.

I'll leave you to have a nose browse through the rest of our snaps and if you're really interested I've also included a little video showing some highlights from each day.

Also if you're thinking of going to Disney but are worrying about waiting till your children are the 'right' age I would advise to just go ahead and book it, it's an incredible experience no matter what age and I think it'd be pretty sad to wait too long that your child doesn't even want to queue for over an hour to meet princess Belle :)

I must admit I was worried that it wouldn't live up to my expectations but I didn't want to ever leave....We're already thinking of our next trip there, maybe we'll stay in one of the Disney hotels this time? I'd love to hear which one anyone would recommend? 

Have you been to Disneyland before? Was your experience as magical or did you not enjoy it as much as you'd hoped?  

Here's the video from our trip. Feel free to take a look and subscribe to our channel as we are planning on sharing some behind the scenes videos from the shop in the next few months :) 

This post is not in affiliation with Disney or anyone else I just wanted to share how much fun we had. 

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